PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

haQ attaQ Ep 13 - "Troll-beat"

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In this episode I am recreating an old Swedish lullaby using Rebirth, Tera Synth and vocal harmonies! This episode is also a tribute to John Bauer a Swedish painting/drawing artist who's well known for his famous Troll art. :)

Hope you like it! :)


  • xenxen
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    Great vid. The vocal harmonies sound excellent. When you use Rebirth and Cubasis together have you ever managed to get sync start/stop working using MIDI, or do you sample and trim?

  • @xen: Due to the hardware limitations of my iPad mini non-retina, I've had to adopt a complete "sample and trim"/export paste workflow.

    I I have very little experience syncing apps on iDevices.

  • Ok, cheers.

  • Best ios show, period. Informative, humorous, tasteful playing, love the artistic touch, and above all....personality. Don't stop Jakob.

  • As always, brilliant, I really look forward to these

  • Great stuff. I'd love to hear your take on the other trolls though!

  • Excellent Jakob, big thumbs up!

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    I'm with @CJ_Stout on this. Great personality, informative, amusing and inspiring. We're very fortunate to have such enthusiastic characters as Doug and Jakob to motivate us. Thanks guys! :D

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    Good stuff mang. I use a similar bouncing workflow. Funky song.

  • I am shocked at all the generous and positive responses, and it makes me very very happy! Every time I start filming for an episode I'm almost convinced it's going to become flimsy and comprehensible. I am very glad you all like it! :)

  • I'll pimp his Patreon site! Here's the link. Show some support for these great videos!

  • Oh my -- I love that your videos too...but the Trolls...incredible. Also, to me, it really is a fantastic example of how diverse electronic music can be.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words people! :)

    Time is 2:30 night time here in Sweden and I just finished editing the thumbnail for the next haQ attaQ episode (#14).

    The video will as scheduled be uploaded on Wednesday. I've included a preview of the thumbnail here. ;)

  • Love your work, it's another set of iOS music making videos to look forward to including Dougs work ( TheSoundTestRoom)
    Keep up the works GUYS.

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    Thank you!

    I too love what Doug does! The next haQ attaQ episode #14 (thumbnail above) has been inspired by a video that Doug did in 2013.

    I've done a lot of dub, reggae, roots and ska in the past, and watching this video got me exited about those genres again.

    I grew up with that kind of music and lost it a long the way, but @thesoundtestroom brought it back again! Thank you Doug!

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