Selective bypass option?

For live performance, it'd be nice if I could have something like this -- ThumbJam and DrumJam in the input slots, JamUp Pro in the filter slot, and headphones/speaker in the output slot. I'm using the clean guitar tone from ThumbJam, and slammin' it through a tweaked hi-gain amp in JamUp, but I want the DrumJam signal to go directly to the output without filtering it, because the drums sound like crap when processed through a guitar amp. I know I can bypass the filter easily enough, but it's doing it for the whole mix, not just for one input. Is it possible to filter the ThumbJam output, but not the DrumJam output?


  • We know that users want this option and we're most likely going to add it to future updates.

  • Thanks Sebastian! That's most excellent news! I'm sure you must feel like the juggler that just did a spectacular 5-ball routine, only to have the crowd yell, "Can you do six?" Great job with the initial release!

  • edited December 2012

    We've decided to keep the amount of features low for the initial release so it's as stable, robust and understandable as possible. Audiobus can do more, we're just not letting it yet.

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