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Turnado Query

edited October 2014 in Support and Feedback

Quick question. Couldn't resist the Sugarbytes bundle last weekend and just got chance to get started with Turnado.

When you connect through AB in the input slot, it seems you can't play loops from inside Turnado. I presume you can route external (to the ipad) audio through Turnado and onto whatever you add to the fx and op slots.

Is there anyway to hook Turnado and AB up so you can play loops from inside Turnado? I was trying to get Sector and Turnado sync'd with Sector playing a variable drum loop and Turnado playing a bass and lead sample that I'd brought in from AudioCopy. Those would both be in the ip slot with an fx chain going into Cubasis or Master Record.


  • Ah - so you went for it :). They are great apps. I've only touched the surface I think.

    I don't know the answer to your question I'm afraid. If you can't get Turnado to play the loop internally AND feed the output out to audiobus then maybe you need to copy the loop into loopy or something - put loopy as the input and Turnado as it's FX. Then another chain for Sector. Just an idea.

  • xenxen
    edited October 2014

    Cheers Matt, there's always a work around. I was hoping for the ability to play from inside Turnado then you can set up a Sector project in the background with some 'predictable' variations using the sequencer and play different bass and lead combinations by switching samples is Turnado to build tracks live. But as you suggest, cueing up patterns in loopy would get similar results.

    Turnado is quality... A lot of scope for getting deep into patch building.

  • Yep. Dunno how easy it is to switch samples in Turnado. But in loopy that would be great. Put a few different basses and leads in different slots and you could have a lot of different combinations.

    Loopy is very midi friendly too - so you could have it in the background (with Turnado in the foreground) and then trigger combinations of loops on and off via a midi controller. (Or an iPhone running appollo midi).

    You can also control everything in Turnado via midi.

    Would be a nice live set up actually with some pre-recorded live lead and bass parts (and some transition parts) and just moving between them and fXing them.

  • This way lies (good) madness.

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:

    This way lies (good) madness.

    Well, that's what I was hoping for, but I've just had an hour of trying to get loopy and sector sync'd, without success.

    Annoyingly I can set Sector to send clock to Loopy when they are both on the input slot in AB and sync Loopy to start when Sector starts. Until I connect something to the output slot in the same channel as Loopy, then the sync connection breaks. I don't get it. It's either a bug or I'm doing something stupid.

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