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Duduk Duduk Go

edited June 24 in Creations

GeoShred Naada Duduk, SWAM Double Bass, Speldosa, SWAM Viola, Scaler 2 Felt Piano and Cantoria.

Played with GeoShred, Piano Motifs and the AUM Keyboard.

A video version of the tracks creation is here


  • A little eerie and mysterious. I like all these sounds together and the transition midway-wonderful Geoshredding as usual

  • Beautiful. I agree something mysterious about it. But I also like the video display to see what is going on. Did you tell piano motif what to do or does it follow what you play?

  • Many thanks @myapologies and @yellow_eyez 👍
    You tell PM what to do @yellow_eyez . In this case I got it to generate 4 different 8 bar motifs (tunes), all in the same key and then pointed each PM Melody channel (PM can generate up to 4 different channels) at a different instrument. This provides the plinky plonky middle section. I was messing about with the Naada Duduk and realised I could combine this with the PM section hence the end result.

  • Full of Eastern promise! Very relaxing too!

  • Lovely improvisation, and the tone of that duduk is so haunting.

  • I like the restraint you show here, Tony. Do you know the Duduk in WorldSynth? Could you plug it into your Duduk midi track? I’d be interested to hear the difference. The GeoShred is more oboe like, I think.

  • edited June 24

    I love the sparsely populated canvas at points. Great display of how silence and rests are just as important as notes. @GeoTony

  • Cheers @AlterEgo_UK , @richardyot , @LinearLineman and @Edward_Alexander , means a lot coming from such an array of talent as your good selves.
    I thought I had the Worldsynth one Mike but just checked and I’ve only got the free version which has a Duduk drone which only drones 😊 I don’t do midi tracks anyway, always play leads live to an audio track and never edit… agree though it would be interesting to compare the two 🤔

  • I used the World Synth Duduk on this track, if you want to hear what it sounds like @LinearLineman

  • edited June 24

    @AlterEgo_UK thx, bro, I’ve used it many times. I think it’s a broader interpretation. Tony's sounds more like an oboe. I just would have liked to heard it in this context.
    World Dynth has a lot more warble, like in your track.

  • Another great moody piece of music. You are a magician.

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