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The Devil in a pink dress with black polka dots - Logic Pro iPad draft

edited July 5 in Creations

Couldn’t sleep, restless mind. The piano was improvised (the closest to improvisation I’m capable of), the rest wasn’t.
Now I still can’t sleep. Should as well start the day with Jack.

EDIT: Album released, first available on bancamp.


  • Beautifully evocative moods, that rise and fall. The piano phrases are very varied, but the journey is cohesive. I love the atmospheric synth sounds that come and go.

  • Thank you @richardyot that is what happens when I can’t sleep.

  • I have insomnia too; if only I could be this productive and creative when I can’t sleep lol very nice song Joe

  • Well most of my insomnias are just like banging my head against the walls or getting aggravated and banging my head against the walls.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Pretty in Pink and a suitably Mephistophelian piano!

  • A beautiful job well done! ❤️

  • Thank you @jwmmakerofmusic @AlterEgo_UK I appreciate you listening.

  • Very Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Those are girls you can hang your hat on, bro. ABF did a score for Metropolis. This would have worked well in that.

  • that was an interesting project, too bad it was killed by those corporate assholes

  • Very cool. As soon as you start feeling edgy, it starts being soothing. Then as soon as you're comfortable with that you're edgy again. I like the sounds and atmopheres -- it's quite a journey.

  • Thnak you @klownshed . That is what I always try to do: telling a story with music only.

  • This is like multiple stories in one composition. Each one was completely different, but transitioned smoothly into the next. I had to listen a few times and still couldn’t figure it out. It inspired my next track.

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