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2 scenes recording with 2 buttons problem

I have 2 groups, each with 4 clips.

I have made 2 scene switch buttons, 1 for one group and 1 for the other.

When I press scene button 1, I want the first clip to start recording. After recording, I want the scene button to be able to record the next clip in group 1. I do this with follow actions and that works well, but the problem arises when I want to achieve the same with 2 scenes. Then the groups and selected clips get mixed up.

What I would like is:

Scene button 1 ->

Record clip 1 in group 1
When this is recorded, select the next clip in the same group
Record this when the scene button is pressed again
The scene button can only record group 1
Scene button 2 ->

Record clip 1 in group 2
When this is recorded, select the next clip in group 2
Record this with the pressing of scene button 2
Scene button 2 can only record group 2
I can manage steps 1 to 3, but step 4, making scene button 2 record only group 2, is not working because scene buttons 1 and 2 record the selected clip, so if I select a clip in group 2 and then press scene button 1, it records group 2 anyway.

Additionally, I can't get scene button 2 to start recording because I need to specify that it should select the first clip in group 2, after which the scene button won't select any other clip in the group using follow actions.

I hope my problem is clear.

Thank you!


  • What are the details of the follow actions?

    If you are using select, you need to decide what triggers selecting the first clip of group 2.

    The simplest option is probably to set up your buttons to have groups of actions set up to fire on consecutive presses by using the Next Trigger option available when you tap on the dot to the left of an action to show the timing actions.

    You could set the group 2 button to select the correct clip and start recording, for example.

    A more robust solution might be to set up a dial whose steps are a sequence of actions that gets advanced as needed.

  • The follow actions are for clip 1 Select clip 2 and for two, select clip 3 and so on.

    I think your solution of a dail knob is maybe the solution, I'm gonna try that this evening.

    Thank you!

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