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'A modern way of doing things' new small album, last before the summer period

A modern way of doing things

The last album before the summer holidays 'A modern way of doing things'. A nice jazzy and rocky album. Uncomplicated but still completely in the frenq way. Wringing chords and simple melodies for which he is so well known. I hope you like this album because I think it's one of the most beautiful of the year, let me know what you think of it, thanks for listening and greetings frenq.


  • Without wanting to disturb anyone, doesn't anyone have anything to say about this little album?

    Regards, frenq

  • edited June 16

    I think it’s excellent. Listening now. Great chord changes and accompaniment. Especially at around 1:15. Going back for more. Great stuff. Like it a lot so far.

    Like the change at around 3:58. 4:58 is cool. 7:58 too. 12:20 smokes in a laid back way. I’m jumping around a bit. This is the type of thing I like to listen to. Really nice work. It sounds like you had fun with this!

  • Hello @Paulieworld thanks for listening and your nice comments. Yes i enjoyed making this one very much. Thanks again and happy playing and composing, frenq.

  • Nice jazzy summer vibes. Lots of interesting things happening and a great upbeat feel.

  • @richardyot , thanks for listening Richard. Great you liked it! frenq

  • I thought section four was a beaut , one of the best things you’ve done (imho). Again your sax playing is superb on this one.
    I’m amazed how you produce such high quality ‘small’ albums so quickly. Long may it continue 🙏

  • Wow. Surprising how fast such pearls can drop down below other discussions.

    Thanks for kicking it up @Frenq, I would have missed this one, and I like it even more than your previous one! 👍🏼

  • edited July 10

    @GeoTony and @rs2000, thanks for the nice comments and listening!

    @GeoTony, it's hard work, sometimes it comes like molasses, sometimes like water. Like you know! frenq
    @rs2000, as you know rs, pearls are heavier than surface water and sink quickly! frenq

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