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Glagolitic Mess

I started this in February 2023 and it’s been on the back burner ever since mainly because it’s quite a bit outside of my comfort zone…. but nothing ventured etc etc.
Inspired by the sound worlds of the Glagolitic Mass and Sinfonietta by Leoš Janáček this is my (current) best shot at an orchestral work. All done in AUM.


  • This is waaay outside my specialist area and therefore I am in no way qualified to make informed comment! That said, it’s dark, dramatic and full of extraordinarily sound textures. Please disclose your instruments of choice…I suspect GeoShred’s ever evolving empire features quite heavily. And bravo for venturing into new areas. This is a work of epic proportions and deserves to be heard 👏

  • Couldn’t put it better than @BillS has. I don’t know the Janáček mass but from the wiki it’s a beast. Dark, ambient, symphonic seems to be your recent style. Some amazing sounds.

  • Thanks @BillS and @AndyHoneybone , as I said, all new to me really 🤔
    Instruments are …
    SWAM Bass Tuba, Euphonium, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet and Oboe
    BeatHawk Church Organ, Glockenspiel and Cello Pizzicato Snap
    Roli Noise Strings & Horns and String Section
    ThumbJam Timpani and Timpani Roll
    All played with GeoShred, Piano Motifs and ChordJam

  • Great inspiration. There are much worse composers to get inspiration. That being said you definitely didn’t chose to easiest, but is is how you do it. There is indeed something from sinfonietta, much darker.
    I’d recommend more subtlety, and a breath controller, making sure those virtual players don’t have lung collapse, and despite being basically a fanfare, just putting the strings a little bit more in the front. Then, you can study the original scores.
    I liked it a lot, and enjoyed the theme.

  • Very cool. I would love to hear this in StaffPad with Berlin Strings. Great work!

  • What a haunting piece. Hats off for taking this on. Can't imagine the logistics of pulling this off in AUM. That soft part between 4:29 and 6:23 is a very dramatic contrast from the rest of the piece. Did you use any other MIDI device besides Chordjam? Nice work.

  • Thanks for the critique @jo92346 , much appreciated.
    I love the opening and closing themes from Sinfonietta, for some reason I always think of some vast castle in the middle of a desert when I hear it… no idea why 🤨
    Understood re lungs and strings. I smiled when you suggested studying the original scores. When I learned how to play one of Bachs unaccompanied Cello pieces (on Geoshred) it took me about two months to work it out and that was basically for one monophonic instrument 😊
    Cheers @Paulieworld , no saved midi I’m afraid.
    Probably not that obvious in AUM @ecamburn but it’s sort of how I do things so I’m used to it.
    The three quiet sections were three separately recorded Piano Motifs. The opening and closing brass and brass / organ sections were separately recorded and played with GeoShred. All of these separate recordings were then played in AUM file players with suitable offsets. A final Piano Motif then played everything else with me live mixing the whole thing into the final piece.

  • I recently watched a video showcasing StaffPad's ability to "listen" to existing music, extract the notes, and generate MIDI data and a score. It was impressive! @McD probably knows a lot more about this. Maybe he can weigh in. This might be something to consider in the future.

  • I haven't heard this piece for yeeeears ... there's a passage in it somewhere that sticks in my memory. At that moment the libretto sounds like "noggie noggie" followed by a flourish on the pipe organ. A friend and I used to talk about it.

    I love your stab at it, not just for the rich sound, but also for the work I know must have gone into it. Sounds like it's echoing through an ancient Gothic church in the dark ...

  • Well made spatial quality! You seem as comfortable here as anything. I haven't heard that piece although I've enjoyed other Janáček pieces. I remember him being more propulsive.

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