Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Interesting Times

IWAVESTATION, Pure Piano, iFretless Acoustic Bass, Nambu, DRC, Sunrizer, Jubal Flute, Mersenne, Piano Motifs, Other Desert Cities, Discord, MagicDeathEye, and about a dozen or more audio samples that I timestretched and pitchshifted beyond recognition.

People seem to like dark music. Go figure. Personally I prefer the light. However, I tried to make this the darkest, most ominous, evil sounding track ever.

There is an old Chinese saying… May you live in “interesting” times.

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