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If I Ain't Got You (Nembrini Divided 11)

Checking out the latest Nembrini amp sim - Divided 11 Class A Boutique Guitar Amplifier - with a rendition of this Alicia Keys tune. I wasn't going to get this one as I'm still very happy with the Nembrini Faceman, but it does sound good. It won't replace the Faceman for me, it lacks the mids that I like.

Strat -> Divided 11 -> Delay3000 -> DDMF MagicVerb


  • Like this a lot. Never get tired of your guitar playing. I would love to see a video of you playing sometime.

  • I had not heard this tune before but this is an excellent introduction. As always, love your tone and tasteful playing.

  • Thanks for listening @Paulieworld @MadeofWax. I hadn't heard this song before as well. It was suggested by a singer for a gig next weekend - probably won't be playing it like this, but it's a cool tune.

  • Very nice one @pbelgium .

  • Good track. Not sure I like the amp. Bit too scratchy and, as you say, lacks mids.

  • Thanks for the listen @flo @LinearLineman - much appreciated.

  • Lovely… personally I liked the tone. Altogether a great listen 🙏

  • @GeoTony said:
    Lovely… personally I liked the tone. Altogether a great listen 🙏

    Thanks for liking and commenting. I'll probably try this with the Clon Minotaur in front for a mid-boost, although others have already said it doesn't play well with pedals.

  • Great play, but like @LinearLineman Im not sure I really like this amp.

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