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SWAM ALTO sax, Soprano Sax, Double Bass, Ravenscroft275 and Jazz Drummer x2.


  • Beautifully done, mate :wink:
    Just the jazzy vibe necessary for today :heart:

  • edited June 7

    Nice to hear from you @senhorlampada! Hope all is good.

  • Awesome track…what made Serengeti the title? I heard more of maybe Sudan or Morocco or something, but just a silly trivial question, because the music itself is spectacular and thats what matters….

    How’d you get those drummers to play along so nicely!

  • I have been semi on-and-off lately
    Sometimes because of work, but also put both my iPad and PC on maintenance on different periods :lol:
    And doing some home improvement :tongue:
    But everything fine

    Hope you are doing great, my brother

  • Just luck on the drums @yellow_eyez. However the Jazz Drummer app has an xy pad that allows one to dial the intensity in and out. Serengeti because I saw a photo album of my dermatologist’s trip to Tanzania at her office. Got me thinking.

    Glad you’re plowing ahead @senhorlampada. We know each other around six years now. Time flies!

  • Since you have piqued my interest in Jazz I decided to do a little research and learn about the different genres. I found this video and it seems like Cool Jazz, Traditional Jazz and Modal Jazz are my favorites, especially when you play them.
    I’m sure I have so much more to learn but the journey so far has been amazing.
    Thanks for sharing another great piece of music.

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    Well, that’s great @MadeofWax. At its best it’s all about freedom and feeling. This one I recently posted is really down the traditional boulevard. Frankly, it surprised me that I could do it without straying into some jazz weirdness. It's based on a beautiful jazz standard…

    It's based on a beautiful jazz standard…

    The whole era of jazz standards were synonymous with “pop” music. It's what people listened to. It was much more crossover and mainstream. People danced to it.

    The chord structures were much more complex and then, of course, there are the lyrics.

    Here’s a really complex and famous one by Billy Strayhorn called Lush Life. He wrote it at 19! He was Duke Ellington’s collaborator and, unfortunately, like so many others, a heroin addict.

  • Hopped over to your "You Don't Know What Love Is" post. Well worth the time.
    "Lush Life" is phenomenal. So much good music to discover. Thank you for sharing that as well.

  • @LinearLineman, dear LL, very nice saxes, melodie and rhythms and an outstanding piano. Liked it very very much! frenq

  • Thank you for listening @MadeofWax and @Frenq . Appreciation!

  • Beautiful slice of jazz - outstandingly original I’d say…not necessarily my cup of the proverbial char but I can appreciate the musicianship that’s gone into this - and the instruments you’ve used are outstanding too.

  • Theanks for the praise @BillS. Much appreciated!

  • You make me want to do this!

  • Thanks, and I know the feeling @MrStochastic. That’s how it all began for me.

  • One of these days I’ll catch up with you … I think your single handedly turning people onto jazz 🙏

  • Thx @GeoTony . I like it if I can be a jazz messenger.

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