MT DAW not showing up in outpu

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Title says it all. iPad 3, all apps up to date, nothing else running in background.

Thanks in advance.


  • For me the MT DAW Audiobus update didn't show up in my normal update page in the App Store. Instead I had to go into the "my purchases" section, find it, and hit update. Maybe that's what is going on with you?

  • That was it, thanks very much!

  • I have been un/ re-installing MT DAW, from my purchases, and wirelessy many times now. Initially it returns in the output section. But maybe, 2 visits has disappeared again. iPhone 4s, IOS 6.

    Having incredible fun with Audiobus regardless! :)

  • Ok, try this:
    1. Delete all apps in question.
    2. Reboot your device.
    3. Install the apps wirelessly (not from iTunes).
    4. Turn on Airplane mode.
    5. Launch Audiobus
    6. Put Audiobus in the background
    7. Launch every other app
    8. Go back to Audiobus basically do what you want to do.

    If that solves your problems, then you've got a faulty local network.

  • I'm glad that was it @Treefight , You're welcome :-)

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