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Is there a way to quickly overwrite custom FabFilter patches without having to use “save as” again?

Say I create a FabFilter patch and I save it using the “Save As” option in the app .. and then I make changes to that just-saved patch that I want to re-save and overwrite.

Is there a way to re-save it (quickly) without having to go through the “Save As” option and selecting a bank and retyping the same name again?


  • One of those basics that are pretty much always ignored by 99% of all devs.
    The least they can do is autofill the current patch name right? 😆

    What happened to:

    Save As

    It’s not rocket science.

  • You are just going to have to get the patch right the first time bud! 🤣 jk idk i always save as then delete if i fell like ill never use it again

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