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Tempo ramp in Loopy Pro

edited May 20 in Loopy Pro

I've always used Loopy Pro as an AU, and I'm now trying to use it as a host, please excuse my noobishness.

I've tried a tempo ramp using a follow action (play clip), but I get too many artifacts, and the result is a clip not in sync anymore. Also, I can't get it to work at all for more than 4 bars of duration.

Something must be wrong with my workflow. Do you have any advice ?

I can join screenshots if needed.
Thx 🙏


  • Can you post a demonstration and show the settings…including the time-stretch settings?

    Keep in mind that if you have audio loops being time-stretched , you are essentially constantly changing the amount of time-stretching. I am not sure what the expectation is for a situation like that.

    What device are you running on? What buffer size, and how many loops are involved?

  • @Etienne : fwiw, here is a simple case. The ramp is 8 bars long triggered by a play follow action. Fast time-stretching is being used and the clip stays in time with the metronome

    This is on an iPhone XS.

  • @espiegel123
    Thank you, the time stretching set to fast resolved the out of sync clip.

    I decided to make a dummy project for the second problem because mine uses the sequencer and can be confusing.

    1st part of the video : 118bpm -> 140bpm, 8 bars ramp, fail
    2nd part of the video : 118bpm -> 160bpm, 8 bars ramp, success
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong since I'm not yet familiar with all the settings.

    I use an ipad mini 5, only one loop involved, buffer set to 128.

    I attached the dummy project if you're interested.

  • Up : Is anyone experiencing the ramp not working when the tempo in and out are too close ?

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