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New track “Imported Turnips” Loopy Pro/Logic/Ableton

This started as some Loops in Loopy and suddenly everything I tried to accomplish was just possible. Loopy automation through follow actions is miraculous. Then some fun with Logics new session keyboard player added for fun. I think I’ve finally found a solid workflow!
Let me know if you recognize the samples. Logic stem splitter is inspiring.


  • Very cool and uplifting track. I dig how it goes crazy at about 1:00, then back to normal at 1:30. Lots of variety, especially with the rhythm parts like the hi-hats at 2:27. Very fun, happy track. You should get a SoundCloud page. It’s free and very easy to post on the Forum.

  • @Paulieworld thanks. Much appreciated. That breakdown and re-entry is was done with 8 loops in sequence in Loopy sending follow actions to 3 Chase Bliss Pedals while fading in and out main loops. I’ve learned so much about Loopy’s Powers making this track. So fun.
    After I get a couple more longer arrangements like this I will definitely look into SoundCloud. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Couldn't resist given the name of the tune. :wink: My favorite part was that interlude around 1:15. Like going in and out of a dream. Love the upbeat feel of the tune.

  • Another lovely happy toe tapper of a tune. Thoroughly enjoyed it 🙏

  • @ecamburn btw the title came directly from Loopy Pro auto name and @GeoTony
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Interesting nobody mentioned the samples.
    It was my first time using the fruits of logic’s stem splitter. Was super fun to make.

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