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folksy atmospheric glitchy thing

Posted this in the SOTM thread, and am posting it here for those who don't read that thread.

This began life as an Endlesss Studio "riff" and grew beyond recognition. Any and all listens and comments are welcome.


  • Sorry I didn’t recognize this from the title. I listened earlier on SoundCloud and liked it. I like the implied tempo change at around 2:07. The sudden mood shift at 3:07 was a nice touch, as well as the dropout at 4:05. I was looking at the waveform and wondering what was coming. The whole track is really well produced. The mix is great. No hotspots, and the instruments cover the entire audio spectrum. I especially liked the bass. As a fretless bass player for 30+ years, I’m a little biased. It had frets when I bought it, but I pulled them out after hearing Jaco on Heavy Weather! This had a bit of a Peter Gabriel feel to me. Nice track, bro.

  • Very well produced. Nice atmospherics.

  • Folksy? The pulse changes are subtle and interesting!

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    @Paulieworld - Jaco's playing on Heavy Weather is peak music for me. His solos on A Remark You Made still bring tears every time I listen. Peter Gabriel has deeply imprinted on me, so I'm grateful that any of his vibe might have come through.

    @LinearLineman, given your deep and varied skills, your comments mean a lot.

    @MrStochastic , I know, folksy is probably not a useful description for this tune. :smile: I think it stuck in my head as I spent a lot of time during mixing focusing on the acoustic guitar track. Thanks for your comments.

  • Lovely track, enjoyable from start to finish. Great vocals 🙏

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