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@MrStochastic inspired me to create a track just using sounds from Xinematix so here it is…
5 * Xinematix put through Velvet Machine, FAC Alteza, TB Reverb and LRC7.
All played by ChordJam, ScaleBud 2 and Piano Motifs.


  • I love the transition around 1:41 and the choral voices. The choirs are so far my favorite part of Xinematix. The whole song flows very well. I found it very soothing. Thank you

  • Soothing is good… thanks @myapologies . X..X does have some lovely sounds 👍

  • An enchanting incantation Tony

  • Quite calming. Excellent.

  • lovely, thanks for sharing

  • Great to hear you getting into using Xine. I'm actually kind of surprised that you used 5! instances here; it sounds more restrained than I expected it would but it was a rewarding listen after a stressful day.

  • Beautiful. To my ears, some lovely Eno mojo going on. Great peaceful vibe.

  • Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment @yellow_eyez , @monomatik , @belldu , @MrStochastic and @ecamburn 🙏

  • Nice!

  • Very mellow. Don’t know what xinematix is, off to look it up. Definitely getting that Eno vibe. Understatement is the hardest discipline, think.

  • lol, where’s the shredding! I do like the choirs, too. Not better, but a different female timbre, I think. Good job, bro. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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