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Audio output - help?

New to Loopy Pro. Utterly perplexed at why I can't hear the audio. (Through this or any music app)

Mackie Producer 2.2 interface into
Powered usb hub into
Apple camera adapter into
iPad 6 2018 ios 17.4.1

Basic guitar sound registers in app metering graphics, and records in donuts.
But it isnt being processed in the channel inserts which have guitar apps added -
The recorded loop in the donut which appears in the mixer output meters isn't coming back through the audio interface, at all.

So, audio is going into the app, being recorded, and is showing metered output - but there is no sound coming out through the interface (neither through the output nor the headphones).

Also, the guitar sound is audible through the interface and through the iPad with zero latency, but that sound is not being altered no matter what app I call up (Tone Stack Pro, TH-U, etc.)

I'm usually quick with audio troubleshooting but this has defeated me.
This isn't a formerly working now broken issue. I'm just learning these apps and I've not been able to make them work.

All apps have access to microphone.
Mackie interface is brand new.
Powered hub is new, and passes basic guitar sound through - but nothing is being processed via the apps.
(Not just Loopy Pro. None of my music apps are functioning properly.)
Yes, I've turned it off and back on again after a long rest.

If I unplug the camera adapter, I hear the basic guitar sound played back in the recorded loop, but with zero effects/processing.

And the tuner works in Tone Stack Pro (so audio is clealy going in), but the app doesn't seem to process the amp or effect sounds - or if it is doing so, I'm not able to hear it - even though I can continue to hear my unprocessed guitar sound.

I'm stymied. I'm guessing/hoping I'm missing something simple, but I can't figure it out.

Anybody have any thoughts?


  • @Nickerman : start here

    If everything checks out, create a new default project with nothing in it and record a loop and try to play it back.

    From what you describe, you have a lot going on…many possible points of failure. Let’s have you start ultra simple and add elements.

    Have the minimal amount of hardware connected as possible for your troubleshooting.

  • Thanks @espiegel123. Those steps were helpful in sorting out my problem. In the end it turned out the problem was my iPad volume needed to be turned up full in order to hear the app audio.

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