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Signal Issues through Plugins

edited May 4 in Loopy Pro

I have a set of plugins in an audio bus; and I use this combination of plugins for my (relatively) "clean" sound.
I have 2 FabFilter plugins (luv em') in the chain; an EQ and Reverb, and the EQ is several plugins in front of the Reverb. As you know - FabFilter plugins show the signal coming through - which I love.

OK..... the EQ (the plugin earlier in the chain) is NOT; or at least it appears that it is not - getting any signal. It is turned on.
The Reverb which is later in the chain - is getting a signal and you can see it in the plugin.


Please Note: I think the forum does not show videos by default; you have to "see" the video which shows the signal path in both plugins; so kindly click to see it, if by chance the forum is set up to only provide audio.


BOTH plugins (side by side; or top to bottom).....


  • Can you post screenshots of the mixer and the open AU of the window that you say is not getting signal?

    Also, set that eq to an extreme setting that will reveal whether it is being processed or not.

  • I was able to play the video by copying the displayed link to VLC as a Network Stream.

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