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What are the best ways of streaming audio out of the iPad?

So far i've seen sound injector and airplay but they're both paid apps and i've seen airplay introduces some latency. on the hardware side I know of iconnect midi and the Akai EIE but i'm still researching interfaces. For now i just want to be able to check stuff on the monitors without losing audio quality - I've been connecting the iPads headphone to a desktop mopho audio in to hear anything on monitors via an old 3.5mm stereo interconnect so not the greatest signal chain! Anyway i'm thinking of buying the Apollo app but i need to test the vst plugin but seems risky as it's in Alpha.

Oh yeah i have a wired connection on my desktop but have been able to tether the iPad to it and use rtpmidi etc so i'm assuming this will work. If not i'm looking at an iconnect midi2+ i guess or one of the Behringer interfaces...



  • If you want to stay 'clean', Apollo Recorder via Browser is a good method. There is no DA-AD conversion happening. Maybe iConnect does this as well, I don't know.

    I didn't buy Apollo Recorder when it came out, I wasn't able to understand its purpose, but now I see it makes sense.

    Although personally I don't fear any 'loss' with DA-AD conversion, and also like to run iDevices through analog pedals and effects, and record them into another interface. For example, a clean synth string sound from SynthX or any other app routed through an EHX Nano Phaser (analog device) sounds great when recorded into another iPad, computer, or even a tape machine. Analog devices like preamps, BBD's (which can be a cheap Monotron Delay), compressors, etc. add something that sounds quite nice, and veils the digital nature of the source.

  • Thanks. I was checking the apollo sound injector thread and looks good, seems like there's an issue recording audio into Live? But i can stream audio to and from DAW it will save a lot of time uploading and dling and maybe even offload some storage space, i'm already filling up AS with samples and this seems like an efficient way to get my own stuff into the iPad.

    Oh yeah running stuff through the mophos' filter is great for quick and dirty stuff but i need something like this with my laptop. I thought i was going to have to buy an interface to make any type of connection with other gear but the headphone out is very good quality as it should be! I thought there'd be some noisefloor but it's very clean. So what do you use to connect to other hardware, a simple minijack to rca?


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