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Novation Launchpad X and iPad power provision

So I just got the Launchpad X for the third time. I’ve bought and sold it twice because it didn’t quite fit my rig and there’s always been some power related issues requiring power banks and other untidy solutions.

A known iOS music environment is getting launchpad x support so I’ve pulled the trigger again. The third time, I know 🥲🙄

Anyway, I’m really curious what solid solutions have you come up with to mitigate the power issues.

Namely, I’m interested in a iPad + 2 controllers + audio interface scenarios that work without the need for a wall power socket.

There’s some trauma from years back involving things stopping working half way through a live jam that’s why I’m asking for tried and tested solutions.

iPad Pro 4th gen USB-C.


  • I don't have any power issues with Launchpad X and iPad Pro 4th gen USB-C. iPad powers it all, all my power complications were with lightning devices. My most 'fixed' rig is zoom u24, Midi fighter twister and Launchpad X into a D-Link 7 port USB 2.0 hub (which can be powered, but not necessary for USB-C iPad), then that into a USB-C to single USB-A and PD splitter dongle. The zoom takes a separate 5v power feed from the hub too (as well as usb data).

    To power the iPad I have a 12v LiPo battery pack to cigarette lighter female (or alternatively a 240AC mains brick to cigarette lighter socket), then a cigarette lighter male with both a PD usb-c cable and a 5V USB-A socket (to power the hub for lightning and old laptop use).

    I pretty much always have the PD power cable plugged in (from either mains or battery pack)... so I'll double check later to see if it all works without (accepting of course that the iPad battery will drain), I'm pretty sure it does.

    I've spent ages making things portable and not reliant on wall supplied power, the irony being that USB-C PD chargers have slowly spread through my house, so there's often one close to where I set up. However, with spring upon us I'll aim to get out into the garden more and then untethered victory shall be mine :)

  • This is a different setup, but confirms that the iPad Pro 4th gen usb-c can power the launchpad happily. This is a (new to me) Launchpad Pro 3, but I’m assuming if it can power that it’ll be ok with the ‘X’.

    Using a Leniton 2xUSB + PD here, been very pleased with this too, no problems, but no power going in here in this picture. (MIDI fighter not connected).

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