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Loopy pro midi cc templates

I have been thinking about making a template with just a ton of premade cc: buttons, sliders etc. To control other midi devices with midi learn, so I wouldn’t have to manually go through the menu and copy and paste… Everything could be pre routed to instance of Drambo, Nodes, Mozaic…for now until midi and hopefully with that eventually automation as well… Could use it as a creation template and just copy and paste your buttons and whatnot.

Does anything like this exist? Or any tips or anything to quickly hammer through a bunch of midi mapping?


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    I hope I'm understanding properly

    If so, here's two things I do:

    For controller profiles (chocolate foot pedal, for example) - I have a separate page with a few sets of four button rows (to look like the controller), and I have pushbuttons for each profile (a visual for which profile is loaded). It's a visual logic setup so I can do everything on screen, then just midilearn the buttons with each profile I create

    I use a bunch of Loopy Pro AUs (after creating, saving as a user profile in the au window... Not saving in Loopy itself) for extra controls to pop up (one with a single horizontal slider that I have for volume for a plugin. When I hit the button to open BeatHawk, it also opens a volume slider below it)

    And I have a quick 'record/undo/clear screen (of plugins)' AU, so I can pop up major used controls over the layout when other things are open (also, big undo button is key for me)

    (Edit, for using Loopy AUs, you'll need to set each control to send midi, pick channel and number etc and have manually set the trigger on your base template you want to control. I don't think midi learn works for that... But I could very well be mistaken (I've just taken to manually setting em)

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