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Bellatrix orchestral soundfont test

edited September 2014 in Creations

After both SSO and squidfont both choked on the midi file... with choppy sounding instruments, I was pleasantly surprised with this result from the Bellatrix Orchestral soundfont. This took up pretty close to all of the 32 available tracks in Multitrackstudio so I think the DAW performed admirably:


  • wow, sounds great!

  • Some nice sounds there. Some glitches around 2:15. Just a recording issue I'm guessing?

  • edited September 2014

    @Seangarland said:

    Some nice sounds there. Some glitches around 2:15. Just a recording issue I'm guessing?

    I re-rendered the audio and it's still glitching in the same places. I'm guessing there's some note errors in the midi file.

    By the way I did no adjustments to any of the levels. The soundfont comes premixed pretty well. Bellatrix is a bit limited in that it only has legato for each instrument. On another test I mixed in some pizz. strings from Squidfont with good results. I'm guessing you could use the detaché strings and maybe some staccato wind instruments from Squidfont if you wanted, too. I believe both Bellatrix and Squidfont used the same souce strings wavs (from Miroslav Vitous orchestral string library, before IK Multimedia bought the rights to it). Bellatrix is also limited in the number of available percussion instruments. I think there's only timpani, bass drum, snare, and maybe cymbal.

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