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Cover of A whiter shade of pale

edited September 2014 in Creations

Here's my tribute to (IMO) the best song ever written. I tried to keep the "vibe" from the original, rather than making a "new" version of it (e.g. Annie Lennox. Not that there's anything wrong with here version. Just not for me).
I've played this song many times through the years, we always ended our gigs with it. It also has some emotional value for me, because it was the favourite song of my buddy who played keys with us, and passed away last summer. I actually sang it at his funeral.

Anyway, end of rant... here's the song:

Apps used: Audiobus, Gallileo, Drum Studio, MT Daw, Cubasis, iGrand, Audio Mastering.


  • Great organ sounds and great vocals too! :)

  • Waoh!With this voice you should produce your own (original) stuff!Good singers are so hard
    to find...

  • Fantastic Classic Rock singing style. Really great cover.

  • @Schimanski said:

    Waoh!With this voice you should produce your own (original) stuff!Good singers are so hard
    to find...

    Thanks a lot for the kind comments!

    I actually have some original stuff on my SC as well. Posted the last one a while back:

  • That's a damn good cover of a great song. Superb vocal track, and a moving tribute. Are you playing all the instruments?

  • Great vocal and organ sound, a nice touch of "grit" to both! Love it.

  • Again, thanks a lot for the nice feedback.

    Yes, I play all the instruments (well, the drums are programmed).

    About the organ, yep, I really love Gallileo. I took the "pales of shade" preset, and tweaked it just a hair, then turned up the gain a bit for that extra dirt :-) Great app.

  • We'll done! I didn't see anything guitar related in your app rundown.

  • @MrNezumi said:

    We'll done! I didn't see anything guitar related in your app rundown.

    Thanks! I didn't use any guitar apps. The only guitars I used are a couple of acoustics, and they were mic'ed.

  • Nailed it. Great job

  • This is beautiful.

    Beautiful song, beautiful rendition, beautiful tribute to your friend.

  • edited September 2014

    Now that's a rock voice we can start a cover suggestion/discussion for right away...


    Tangled up in blue

    Do I ever cross your mind

    Bell Bottom Blues

    Here comes the flood


    A little left field if not over the fence and off into somewhere else entirely:

    The last time I saw Richard

    The only living boy in New York


    Rainy, rainy day (Brownie McGhee)

    Limit to your love

    Amoureuse (Kiki Dee)

    Good morning heartache (Billie Holiday)

    Son of a preacher man

    The ballad of Lucy Jordan

    I think it's going to rain today (Nina Simone)

  • Wonderful, possibly "the greatest' rock song ever! I like the way you did this, theres no better rendition possible just straight up. Your vocals become another instrument, so well suited, that the whole of it gets to your soul as did the original.
    I enjoyed very much, thank you!

  • Wow, I'm overwhelmed! Seriously, thanks a lot everyone!

  • Awesome, great instrumentation and your vocals evoke early Faces, Joe Cocker,Terry Reid that whole late 60's & early 70's vibe. You authentically nailed it.

  • Brilliant, best cover of this song I've heard

  • Honestly i was hoping for something re-arranged!

    But yeah, brilliant none the less!

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