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Driven guitarrock made with GarageBand, Audio Mastering and Auria

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I made a new rock instrumental. It is pretty up-tempo. It is made completely with iPad. I recorded it in GarageBand and mastered it with Audio Mastering, and made some adjustments in Auria. I think it is pretty good (if I may say so). Hope you like it too. :)



  • Great tune! Solo sounds like something David Gilmour would do. What DAW, effects, and drums did you use?

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    Thanks!! :)

    I recorded and mixed everything in GarageBand for iPad (guitar via Sonic Port).

    The solo guitar sound: the basis is a fabric preset in GarageBand called: Bell Bottom Rock. The amp used is Vintage Stack and the effect is: Fuzz Machine. In Auria I then used the plugins Timeless 2 (for the guitar) and (a little) MicroWarmer (for the whole track). Before taking it to Auria I mastered in Audio Mastering.

    Drums: I used (in GB) the preset Smart Drums > Live Rock Kit. I played with the drum-elements to get a nice pattern. The track is in three-four time with 140 bpm.

    Bell Bottom Rock, this name is chosen I think cause of the old Clapton song "Bell Bottom Blues". I seriously considered to call my track "Bell Bottom Mess" as a reference to the Clapton song, but I think most people don't know the song anymore, and :) I can't figure out what tf Bell Bottom means. :)

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    Cool. It's nest that it was inspired by a Clapton song. I can see the influence now that you mention it.

    I'm a beginner and I was wondering if I could ask a few questions.

    1. Why did you import the track into Auria? My guess is that you wanted to use the effects plugins.

    2. You said before taking it into Auria you mastered in Audio Mastering. I'm guessing Audio Mastering a separate app that you place in the middle of the audio chain in AudioBus. Or is it a standalone app?


  • Bell bottoms - old hippie jeans/pants that flared out at the bottom.

  • @Halftone:

    Thanks for clarifying that! :)


    Why did I import into Auria? The reason was that I couldn't find the right volume level of the solo. I had tried to find it in GarageBand, but I was not happy with the outcome, so I changed my approach. So I imported 2 tracks in Auria. Track 1: the solo guitar track (I can't remember if I mastered it in AM) and track 2: the song minus the solo (mastered in AM).

    As I was in Auria for levelling the volume of the solo, I started to experiment with the plugins I have, but that was not the initial reason to go to Auria.

    I didn't use AudioBus. I exported the complete song (minus the solo) from GB into Audio Mastering. Audio Mastering is a great app to do all sorts of things to make the sound really much better (for instance equalising, making it more stereo, gain the volume level). I am a big fan of this app. I am not shure if you can place it in the AB chain, my guess is: yes you can, but I don't use it that way. If you make music with iPad then I recommend AM, it is very simple to improve the quality of your production substantially. Within a few minutes. It has a simple mode and an advanced mode. I always use the simple mode.

  • I would wear nothing but bell bottoms back in the 70's!

  • @Marcel Audio Mastering must be a good app because the track sounds great.

  • Awsome lead, good work. Cool orcestral at about 2:27 to a nice fade out . Drums had a nice waltz. I like.

    Chopping wood in bell bottoms?

  • I love the way your melodic playing compliments the rhythm guitar(s). I really enjoyed listening to it. Beautiful guitar playing.

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