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hi Michael / Sebastian,

i've been using animoog >> magellan's effects >> 'speaker output' a lot lately and thought that maybe a 'quick record' feature inside audiobus might be useful...

just an idea, thanks for all your hard work, my iPad music experience has gotten exponentially better post Audiobus!



  • Hi Sean. What a strange request. Forgive me if I misunderstand you but couldn't you just sub in any kind of DAW in the output slot? Even if it was just audioshare? I can't imagine them adding an internal recorder to audiobus when it's whole point is to connect apps together. :-)

  • Yeah, like Ryan said, using a dedicated recording app in the output slot is the best option, and AudioShare is the best for this -- it's light on CPU and has a bunch of file management options.

    I always put AudioShare in the output slot while I mess around with synth apps, just in case I want to record something on a whim.

  • haven't tried AudioShare, but i was thinking along the lines of a super quick way to record audio to catch ideas in the moment, so users wouldn't have to go back and find an app to send the recording into, maybe it could even have a 'record' button under on the in app connection panel so it'd just be one tap and u'd be recording,

    now that i think about it a bit more it does seem like a little much, oh well just a thought!


  • just discovered that: you can use Magellans built in recorder to record apps from the input section in audiobus!

    hopefully yonac will consider a record button in magellans in app connection pannel,


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    With the talk of audiobus setup presets and this discussion it occurs to me that an audiobus default setup might be handy too. I would leave my default blank with the exception of the output slot (loopy) so that I always have a recorder available by default with minimum TTM (time to music, coined, thank you, you're welcome).

  • TTM is already taken, it's Tiny Talking Mice.

  • there's always one...

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