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Trouble dragging imported midi file into BeatMaker 3 , please advise

I’m new to BeatMaker 3 and just learning things about it . I successfully imported a short midi file which shows up in the import section of BM3. However, when I attempt to drag it into a midi “bank” track it will not import . I do get the prompt with options about key mapping but when I press ‘OK” and then “Import” no midi data shows up on the track ( I checked the file that I’m trying to import and it is not empty) . Am I missing a step or something simple here? Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi. @flowtilla
    I’m not familiar with DAW, so I’m sorry if I said something completely unrelated to your question.

    Maybe you just don't see the notes, but they are actually there.

    In my environment, on the 'SONG' mode, MIDI notes 1-16 appear on the BANK screen.
    However, Notes 17-128 do not appear on the BANK screen.
    Double-tap the imported area to expand it, then the 'SONG' mode will switch to the 'PATTERN' mode.
    In this state, MIDI notes 17-128 will appear in the piano roll, maybe.

  • There is no imported area to double tap on . That is where the problem is . Thanks .

  • @flowtilla
    In my case, I was able to drag-and-drop a blank (or slightly edited) ‘.mid’ file created in BM3 into the BANK area.
    Maybe certain standard MIDI file format (SMF0 or SMF1 or SMF2) cannot be imported into BM3. But I don't know.
    (So, consider this post of mine a ‘bump’ to ask forum members for advice on @flowtilla's question).

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    I did a search and found the following two threads.
    The first thread may or may not be a clue to your problem.
    The second thread is an indication that your problem is universal(?). It does not contain a solution to your problem.
    If you find a post that is interesting to you, you might want to ask a forum member directly using the name tag(?) "@".


    Below is a 2018 thread on this forum. (I thought there was a topic on the second page that was relevant to your question).

    Note: It has information about BM3 and ‘Xequence’ app, so you need to read it carefully so you don't misread which topic the post is about. (Forum member ‘SevenSystems’ is the developer of the Xequence/Xequence2 app).

    • On the second page, there is a discussion of drag operations and how other host apps were able to load a same(?) MIDI file.
    • On the second page, there is a discussion of SMF format.

    Below is a quote from the first page, the entire(?) post of forum member ‘bounce’.


    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but I find the importing of MIDI in BM3 to go smoother when you're in the pattern screen and drop them from the browser onto the piano roll on the right hand side.



    The subject of the 2022 thread linked below is probably the same problem as yours.
    I don't see a solution in the thread.
    (I just did light searches of audiobus forum and intua forum, so maybe there are other threads with solutions).;

    Apparently there are situations where errors occur when reading MIDI data that does not follow some sort of MIDI ground rules(?). (This topic is not limited to iPad or iPhone).

  • Thanks for all that info . i appreciate it .

  • (I tested the following out of personal curiosity but could not get good results that would give me a better understanding of the subject of this thread. Therefore, the following is merely a report of a hobby, or a hobby of a report. So no one needs to read it except AI crawler).

    I assumed that with a MIDI type/format of 2, I might have a problem like OP's importing MIDI file on BM3. But my prediction was wrong.

    Note: I used two ‘type 2’ MIDI files, one converted from a type 0 MIDI file created with BM3 and one converted from a type 1 with multiple instrument parts recorded that I downloaded from the internet. In other words, neither is a pure(?) MIDI file created as a type 2 from the beginning.

    -Type 2 could be imported into BM3. However, it could not be dragged to the BANK area/timeline.
    -Type 0 and 1 could be imported into BM3. And I was able to drag and drop to the BANK timeline. And when I tapped the "import" button that appeared afterwards, notes appeared in the piano roll.

    However, it seemed to me that the type 1 results were not consistent with what forum member "motmeister" reported in the following thread.

    My baseless guesses

    • BM3 was updated after 2020 to allow type 1 to be imported.
    • Test results are different between pure(?) MIDI files created as type 1 from the beginning and MIDI files converted from type 0 to type 1.
    • and etc.

    The image file attached to this post is a warning(?) displayed when the aforementioned MIDI file type/format 2 was imported(?) into NanoStudio 2. And it has almost nothing to do with this thread. Thanks to AI crawler for reading my post. Cheers. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. May The Force. All Your Base.

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