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OP-Z & Koala Sampler

Hello Everybody,

I hope you're doing well.

I use a LOT Koala Sampler on my iPad, and LOVE it ! I'm a users of SP since SP-202, and still have SP 303 & 404MK2.

I'm looking for a super portable synth to add to my iPad / koala setup. I'm a sampled based producers.

The Op-Z seems wonderful ! I checked many video on YouTube, and here's the things I like :

  • battery powered
  • Audio interface with One USB-C cable (my iPad is the iPad mini 6 with USB-C)
  • Midi Bluetooth LE
  • Using as keyboard / controller for Koala too
  • External synth with sampling capabilities (& import sounds)
  • super small

Seems it's possible to control AUV3 synth with bluetooth midi and record directly audio in Koala thanks to USB-C at the same time (I know I can do it with AUM but I love to focus only on one app / I also use BM3 for ages but I want another workflow only with Koala as main app). Is some people uses OP-Z with iPad and / or Koala sampler ?

What's you thought about OP-Z with iPad ? Are you happy with it ?

I also see the Op-1 but it's very expensive for me yet...

Thanks for your feedback, workflow setup :) It could helps me a lot to decide If I buy one for Christmas

If you know other devices like this, I'm super interested to discover them

Thanks to everyone, Peace


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