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TONEX inferface - Split an input to "repurpose" that

This is tough, i know.

How could i accomplish this? The interface has just one input (even if it "looks" as it has two, i can choose left or right), and a double output. One effected, and the other completely dry

Now: i have AUM, and would like to

Get the output from the dry one
Elaborate that with typical pre effects (like wah, octaver and so on)
Then re-enter Tonex
And what is coming from Tones, have it re-affected with post effects

The behaviour of a pedalboard with a send return loop, but just using the pedalboard

Got any ideas? This would save me useless external stuff (i can achieve that for post effects, but pre are "out" from the equation)


  • @j_liljedahl , is that somehow possible? "break" signal, let it pass and then re-enter to another input?

  • Are you using the Tonex hardware pedal, or the Tonex AUv3 on the iPad?

    Have you tried to set this up? You can use Bus Send and Pan modules built-in to AUM to possibly split the two audio channels. Please post screenshots of what you have tried.

    Won't this create a feedback loop inside Tonex?

  • Hardware one. Did not think about Pan modules.

    I am trying to do something no one ever thought about... but it would fill up Tonex's shoes without extra hardware (just Midi switcher like chocolate, if needed)

    Let's try!

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