PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

"i-Borg" laid back and driven Original song

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The conversion is always painful. ios8 woes

Audiobus, bsi-16, Phawou, tonestack, impc pro, ielectric among others.

see the track info for the get up to the get down.


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    @Flo26 lol im saving for the game changer. Thanks for listening.

    Bsi-16 with a trumpet soundfont controlled by ifretless, Tonestack used through out.

  • Remastered (big thanks)

  • Great track. Reminds me of some of Zappa's 200 Motels. BTW I would recommend changing the subject line to something that indicates that the thread is about an original song. I skipped over it thinking it was about an app. :)

  • Thanks for listening @mkell424, "nothing says home like a warm motor, Zappa and a cup of java." (A quote from my brother)

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