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Getting Chordbus 2 to play properly in Cubasis 3

In Leo’s (SoundForMore) 3-year old Tutorial he made with Chordbud 2 in Cubasis, Chordbud 2 played properly.

The current Chordbud 2 has issues starting on-time and playing correctly in the 1st measure in Cubasis, if it plays at all in measure 1. Marking a loop makes no difference.

This problem doesn’t exist when using Chordbud 2 in AUM. Weird, for sure.

Suggestions for a work-around, anyone??



  • Same issue, only worse in Logic Pro for iPad. In Logic Pro for iPad using a simple G-Em-Am-D progression, Chordbud 2 skipped the first measure and eventually got stuck and wouldn’t respond to the Transporter controls. I had to go into Galileo 2 and use its MIDI PANIC! button to stop the sound!!!

    I’m not having this issue with any other MIDI processors in these hosts.

  • Maybe @cem_olcay can chime in. It’s fine with AUM as mentioned, but If i remember correctly I think it had a similar issue back with AUM back when it was released but he fixed it.

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