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iPad screen broke. Can I attach an external touchscreen via lightning port?

edited November 20 in Other

Yesterday my iPad fell out of the car onto the concrete when I opened the door. Screen didn't crack, but it wont come on anymore. iPad still works ok apparently - I was able to hook it up to a projector and see everything on it that way, but I can't navigate the ipad that way. Is there an external touch screen of some kind I could hook up to my iPad allowing me to control the ipad that way? If so I could download my other files off the ipad using wifi apps like iFile.

My main concern was not being able to get any photos/videos off of it. I took a lot of my dad who passed away this year. But thankfully I was able to get them all to my PC using iFunBox. What a relief!

what a time to for me to loose my iPad, when so many great music apps are on sale. :(


  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse should work if you can get in to pair them, combined with a regular monitor

  • Glad you were able to recover those pictures! iPads do work with external monitors but I’m not sure of any other touch ones. Just standard computer monitors (or TV with HDMI). Also if you don’t want to miss a sale you can always buy on iPhone and download it to your iPad once it’s fixed.

  • Bluetooth mouse & keyboard sounds like a good idea. I will try that. Thanks! I was able to stumble through more and wifi my recordings over from AudioShare/AUM and get those files. Guess I will have to save up for a new iPad now.

  • I’ve heard talk that HDMI via lightning has notable latency in many situations. So I would be careful before thinking it will be reliable, without testing first. USBC does not seem to have issues.

    But with lightning, it definitely will provide you the screen via adapter.

  • A friend is going to let me borrow a bluetooth mouse and keyboard next week. In the meantime I found my old Ipad 5th gen with iOS 10 on it to play with. It has some older music apps, but I can't grab any new apps with it. Wondering if I should upgrade it to iOS 16? I've read some horror stories about that.

    I have an iPod touch with iOS 15, so I can purchase some black Friday sales items using that. So many great sales right now!

  • Happy ending! My sister surprised me with a brand new Ipad.

    Its a very happy thanksgiving here!

  • We have amazing chinese repair shops here, Got my son's ipad screen fixed for 50 Euros including a screen protector. took them 45 minutes. Amazing!

  • @sevenape said:
    We have amazing chinese repair shops here, Got my son's ipad screen fixed for 50 Euros including a screen protector. took them 45 minutes. Amazing!

    Same here, only the cheap, reliable places are generally in the lower income areas. I guess all cities have places like that.

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