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USB Cable Recommendation

I am building a pedal board to send audio and MIDI to my iPad via a (Uni Brand) USB C hub.

SooOOooOOOoo - I noticed that the USB cable that I have which is a "Fasgear" brand. The cable doesn't go all the way in as you connect it to the USB hub. It works for sure, but it feels weird that it doesn't go all the way into the receptacle. See the Picture.

Any Thoughts?


  • I suspect that the cable connector is the correct length, but the hub socket is a little bit short, and maybe too close to the side of the case. I have a keyboard where the factory-supplied Micro USB-B connector "fits" like that; annoying.

  • All cable connectors should be standard length. I don't think I've ever seen any variation in that regard. The receptacle should be standard too, but as @uncledave mentioned, it can be mounted closer or farther away from the opening.

    I don't think it's anything to worry about. The cable is inserted all the way whether it looks like it or not. Even if you could get a cable with a shorter insert shaft, it would still be inserted exactly as far into the receptacle.

  • FasGear is alright I have few cables, but yeah they arnt “certified” so connection ends can be a little sloppy and not flush. They work fine though.

    If you want certified look at Club3D, CableMatters, Anker,

    I have a few Club3D cables and they all fit very flush and are quality

    (I have been going crazy on the cables lately lol)

  • Thank all of you!!!

  • Any time I need a cheap but quality cable I tend to use the CableMatters brand these days. I got a few thunderbolt cables from them for connecting my camera to iPad and iPhone and they work great and seem to be very well made for the money.

  • Agree with Tarekith here.

    Also, I'm not a fan of many of their products but I've been replacing all my USB-B to USB-A cables with USB-B to USB-C cables so I don't have to use adapters and I've found these UGreen cables to be superb. Very happy with the quality for the money and they've been flawless for all my older bus powered USB devices.

  • @Moosh Are those UGreen cables you mentioned the same type of USB-B that you connect to an audio interface? see the attached pics of my Zoom audio interface?

  • @Vmusic , yes, exactly those. I've not used mine in an audio interface but I can't see any issue in doing so. Should be completely compatible, I'm very happy with mine and have ordered a couple more in the Black Friday sales whilst they were on offer. Great quality.

    Apologies for the delayed reply, I didn't see my notifications.

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