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Cicada Serenade

We don’t get many Cicadas in the North West of England… it must be too hot and dry for them 😊
Solo GeoShred playing Decent Sampler RJS Guitar (Old Strings)


  • Really nice. The articulation of the notes sounds exactly like a guitar. It’s amazing how you get that from a flat sheet of glass! I would love to see someone make a video of that while you are playing. I think that the folks at GeoShred would post that on their website to show others what can be accomplished with their app. Just a thought.

  • indeed very well played and excellent guitar sound. It appears that Decent Sampler and Geoshred are a good combination.

  • Many thanks @Paulieworld . I’m afraid a video of my banana fingers scratching away on the iPad would be like something out of a Hitchcock horror 🍌
    It certainly works very well @Phil999 . The RJS Guitar is a great example.

  • nice GeoTony, excellent atmosphere and realism. This reminded me of sitting on the porch at a friends recording studio outside New Orleans - Lake Pontchartrain. My friend is an amazing guitarist and we'd hang out on the porch, play/sing and serenade the myriad of insects singing along!! I need to play more with GeoShred.... you have obviously mastered it

  • Very nice indeed and it took me back to my first nights in South East Asia when I wondered why there was a sawmill going in the middle of the night. Oh those Cicadas can make some noise (it's also food there but that's another story).😂

  • Lovely track and being from the south cicadas are the sound of my youth. Loved it!

  • Sounds like sitting on my back porch in summer. Excellent guitar sound - has shades of The Shadows drifting into a few steel guitar licks.

  • Many thanks @citizenK , @Pxlhg , @jdp000 and @michael_m . Sitting on the porch in my rocking chair listening to the cicadas was just the feel I was going for. Unfortunately I don't have a porch or rocking chair and all I can hear are sheep which don't really give the same vibe but there we go 🙂

  • Wow this is awesome. Might be my fav thing ive heard over the years on this forum. Reminds me of just strummin bullshittin on the porch with a couple good friends and beers as the sun goes down. Really great

  • @GeoTony said:
    Many thanks @citizenK , @Pxlhg , @jdp000 and @michael_m . Sitting on the porch in my rocking chair listening to the cicadas was just the feel I was going for. Unfortunately I don't have a porch or rocking chair and all I can hear are sheep which don't really give the same vibe but there we go 🙂

    Maybe if you pitch shift the sheep and add a fast LFO?

  • Wow! This is amazing! As others have said, the phrasing is virtually indistinguishable from a real guitar! I can detect a Dave Gilmour influence in the playing, which is meant as a huge compliment. Really enjoyed that - probably the best I have heard from GeoShred/RJS Guitar combo (still need to try that!)

  • edited November 20

    @GeoTony I'm glad no one challenged me to a bet on whether it's a live guitar or not. I would have lost. :smile:
    Well done!

  • Beautiful composition @GeoTony, I got a Knopfler/Gilmour vibe. It also made me reminisce about those hazy summer evenings, sat on the porch with a cold beer and guitar by my side. Sadly, I grew up in East London - not a cicada in sight. Job well done.

  • Beautifully done, Tony. Very peaceful. We can all use that.

  • Many many thanks @oat_phipps , @AlterEgo_UK , @filo01 , @pbelgium amd @LinearLineman . Your comments mean a lot coming from such talented musicians as yourselves. It’s funny how sometimes it’s the simplest things that have the most impact 🤨
    I tried what you suggested @michael_m but my iPad must have been running out of RAM as the sound finished up a bit woolly 😊

  • edited November 20

    Really good track Tony! I love that DS patch as well but haven’t used Geoshred with it yet. Very expressive! Is the reverb external?

  • Cheers @HotStrange , It’s my default TB Reverb (Env - Cathedral)

  • @GeoTony said:
    Cheers @HotStrange , It’s my default TB Reverb (Env - Cathedral)

    That’s my go to reverb plugin as well. Cheers Tony! 🍻

  • for those not familiar with Decent Sampler like me, here are some tips how to import RJS Guitar on iPad:

    • create an account at and download the RJS Guitar package
    • in Files app, unzip the package
    • in the unzipped folder, go to the instrument you want to install
    • select the .dspreset and the sample folder, and tap ‘more’, tap ‘compress’
    • an archive named is created
    • rename that archive to the respective name. Rename the .zip extension to .dslibrary
    • still in Files app, tap the .dslibrary. Decent Sampler will open and ask if you want to import the library
    • done

    Thank you @GeoTony for the music, as well as for giving an example for the GeoShred/Decent Sampler combination. This is very inspiring

  • @Phil999 , many thanks for the listen and the comment 😊
    The latest version of Decent sampler can (normally) just read the initial .zip file so no need for the unzip, rename etc.

  • than you for the tip @GeoTony. Indeed it works sometimes.

  • Really good @GeoTony, totally digging the cicada ambience.

    If one didn’t know, they’d think this was someone playing a real guitar.

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