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Ravenscroft piano, 2x BASSalicious and 2x JazzDrummer.
Recorded on a Novus10s.


  • I get a strong sense of Bach in these lines. Bach’s lines are always moving forward and based on strong harmonic outlines. I’m not sure I ever noticed the BASSalicious parts… just piano and drums.

    I’m glad to hear you back at the keyboard releasing your improvisatory muse.

  • Just the thing I needed after my gig. ❤️ @LinearLineman you're awesome mate, and so is this tune. I'm glad to hear something new from you.

  • Thx @McD and @jwmmakerofmusic. It felt good to post again. First real use of my studio. I love the Uplift desk I got. Standing and working was so much better for me. Glad I spent the extra bucks.

  • Absolutely lovely. I just did a search for Novus10s. That is one beautiful piece of art! I like the idea of playing while standing. It makes sense. I always stood during gigs, but always pictured myself sitting while playing a conventional piano. Have a great day!

  • It’s beautiful @LinearLineman. I get Bill Evans vibes who is one of my all time favorite Jazz pianists.

    I am from Colorado! Is there a story behind the name?

  • Ah, he's back, good! Nice piece too.😊

  • Thx @Paulieworld we’re both old enough to truly appreciate these gifts of musical technology. The Novus has an actual Kawai grand piano action. It’s a dream to play though I didn’t realize at first how good it was.

    Hi @reezygle, yes, Bill Evans.A most sophisticated improviser. I’m sorry to say Colorado had to do with the judge’s ruling there yesterday. I guess there was something there for everyone, but I definitely am not opening a political discussion here. It’s a sad time for everyone.
    Ah @Pxlhg thanks. Glad you got some attention for your continuing good stuff.

  • @Linearlineman, you sit a record at the Novus10s but stand and edit the Cubasis project at the Uplift desk, right?
    The photo you shared show the (non being used) Roli SeaBoard Rise which you willing to sell. I hope someone takes advantage and gets a good deal if they crave a Roli MPE if your not going to use it.

  • Thanks for posting @LinearLineman - I got the Bill Evans vibe as well. Don't stay away too long.

  • No idea who Bill Evans is but the production and playing on this is first class. The drums seem to start and stop a bit abruptly and maybe are not absolutely necessary. I think the piano playing really stands on its own. Enjoyed it!

  • @McD yeah, I record sitting down and now do some dieting standing while monitoring on jbl monitors. Then a final sitdon it’s Sony 7506s. This is new for me, listening on monitors while working. Itks a good step forward.

    Thx @pbelgium it’s good to be posting again. Those little shots of endorphin when someone likes something…. That really kept me going through the bad and the good. Glad to feel it again and the forum is still here, right where I left it!

    @AlterEgo_UK , I agree, think adding drums may well be superfluous only because it ain’t a real drummer.
    It’s, at best, the idea of a drummer. Coming in and out with them is sometimes effective, I think.

    Give Bill a listen. Many YouTube clips available. He was the thinking man’s improviser.

  • Mike… try improvising to a drum app. I think you’ll be inspired in ways you can’t predict. You might leave more room for silence like Monk’s stabs at chords.

    I know it’s not your process but it might take you to a new place as an improviser. Those jazz drummers are real… just enter the illusion.

  • @McD, I always use a click track when thinking I’ll add drums. More silence is always good. I do that when I’m imagining a horn line to come later. What drum app besides Lunbeats are you thinking of?

  • I echo the Bill Evans comments as well. Also reminds me a bit of some of the more piano driven, softer SuperTramp moments.

    Excellent stuff! Definitely has that cold winter vibe that I love in music.

  • McDMcD
    edited November 20

    @LinearLineman said:
    @McD, I always use a click track when thinking I’ll add drums. More silence is always good. I do that when I’m imagining a horn line to come later. What drum app besides Lunbeats are you thinking of?

    I think @Lumbeats has your approach down cold but there’s value in using other apps too.
    I improvised 8 parts with a lot of space over DrumComputer and ended up with this in Cubasis 3. There’s a lot of call and response in the parts and intention to create vertical harmonic structure with single line parts but no actual chord progression planned in advance:

    Then I exported only the MIDI improv’ed lines into StaffPad and assign sections to an orchestra with no drums at all:

    Anyway… My keyboard is 2 octaves and I hold it up with the left and play it similar to an accordion with the right. Mostly due to having the iPad on my lap already on the couch.

  • Good stuff! As @McD says, there are shades of Bach in there, but it heads elsewhere as you progress, and I felt like I heard some early 20th century American music intertwined with it.

    Nice to hear you at the piano again!

  • Thanks for commenting @michael_m. I usually don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Thanks for commenting @michael_m. I usually don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

    So… free will does exist? or is this music a function of physical laws? I’m voting for free will because it’s definitely unique to your head and hands. It takes years of mental pathway training to do this.

  • How about a few pics of the new piano and your studio. I think you may have seen my “studio”. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

  • edited November 22
  • @LinearLineman I’m so glad you’re back.

  • Beautiful setup! That new piano is gorgeous. It looks right at home.

    For most of my adult life I have had a dedicated space for music. Since I discovered the iPad and it's mobility, I find that my "studio" is wherever I happen to be. Captain Beefheart once said "My head is my only house, unless it rains".

    I first started doing this on an upper deck chair of a boat named "Riverboat Twilight" on the Mississippi River. My battery started running low so I finished it in the hotel that night, and mixed it down in my comfy chair when we got home.

    Another nice place was in St. Louis Canyon at Starved Rock State Park. There was no place to sit for any length of time, so I cranked out a few parts and brought them back to the hotel.

    A few weeks ago, we passed Mount Carmel cemetery on the way to one of our favorite restaurants. I decided to stop in and see if I could pick up some vibes. I generated about a dozen Piano Motifs for later use. You may have heard of this guy!

    Anyway, here I am in "Comfy Chair Studios".

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    It's nice to hear you cranking out the jams again.

  • Dump the drummer, he (she) isn’t doing you any favours. Plus there’s all that setup time for the drums and then they get 50% of the money. You don’t need them 😊
    Great to have a new post from you 👌

  • @LinearLineman i didn’t know you were a Cubasis user also. Good looking setup! Nice and cozy.

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