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Different Live Fx for Different Loops

I use a violin and iPad to perform live.
I want to lay down, live, a 5 part loop. So I record something, add something onto it, add something else onto it..... 5 parts.

HOWEVER.... I want a different set of fx "going into" each of the loops - meaning that when I play each part to record it, you can hear the unique set of fx. In other words, as I play each part to record it, if I forget to press the circle to record it - you would STILL hear the unique set of fx in the master bus.

what I do not want /need - to have unique fx on the loops - upon playing back the recorded loop. So that the audience can HEAR the unique set of fx on the loops - AS I'M RECORDING (even before playback of the loop starts to happen)

HOW - in Loopy Pro - do I store 5 different "sets" of fx, and how do I switch between them to go to, or record the next part or the next loop in my live performance?



  • Your first question about how to record loops that have effects. There are a few was.

    Method 1:
    put the effects on the input channel. Everything on that channel gets recorded into the destination loops.

    Method 2:
    Create a bus that you out your effects in. Make your colors destinations for the bus. Add a send to that bus from your input.

    You can create several effects buses and have widgets that switch them on and off (setting send to the max for on or 0 for off)

  • @espiegel123
    Uhhh QUOTE "put the effects on the input channel" - well, I have 5 different "sets" of fx, one for each loop; let's call each unique set of fx a "preset". I want to switch between the presets without turning multiple fx on an off. Can I do that in Loopy Pro?

    The 2nd suggestion, I think makes more sense. Since I want 5 sets of fx, or 5 presets..... create 5 buses, one for each set. Create widgets to route the input to the different buses. SoOOOOoo - when I record loop 1, route the input to bus one and assure all the other buses are off, when I record loop 2 - turn off all of the buses, and route the input to bus 2, etc.

    OK..... I'll try it. THANK YOU!!!

  • For method 2, it would be useful to set up radio buttons…and probably an “all sends off” widget. Your radio buttons would each, press the all sends off widget then turn the send up on the target bus.

  • @Vmusic : you can use similar logic as the synth switcher described in

    Instead of muting, you will be controlling send knobs.

    Note that when the send knobs are at 0, the effects on those channels won’t be using CPU cycles.

  • @espiegel123
    That's GOLD right there. Yes - that's what I want to do.
    Thank you!!!

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