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Loopy HD acoustic session

edited September 2014 in Creations

Now, I enjoyed this very much. Have a listen if you want. This is really the first time I've made use of Loopy's delay feedback feature. It really works great for fading out at the end of a song.

Details: acoustic guitar into Focusrite 2i2. Direct record into loopy, except for "kick" percussive hit which went thru AUFX:PeakQ for a bass boost. Extra MXL 990 mic on guitar thru AUFX:space. Multiple tracks layered into Loopy, then soloed over with Loopy's internal session recording. Trimmed in Auria.


  • Good stuff, @hmtx! The rhythm loop was done on the guitar too?

  • Loving the groove

  • What is the delay feedback feature? I think I've missed it.

  • edited September 2014

    Thanks guys.

    Yeh, all the percussion sounds are from smacking the guitar. I recently found the sweet spot for a great bass hit... But now my guitar seems to be falling apart. :/

    The delay thing ...oops, actually its called "decay". When a loopy track is in overdub, you can set the decay rate of your overdubs. Long press a track to get the options, twist it around and tap on decay, then adjust it to turn it on. You really have to just try it to see what I mean. It functions like a perfectly synced long delay effect with adjustable fade rate.

  • That feature is really cool when you start to get familiar with it. Although I don't use it that much because I usually export samples to work on later.

  • Had to give this another listen. I thought I heard vocals in the background. How'd you do those parts? Just mic into the 2i2?

  • Sweet, i like very much.

  • edited September 2014

    @MoonWolf said:

    I thought I heard vocals in the background.

    Hah, I almost left those vocal tracks muted for the recording. Kind of silly sounding, but sometimes that's the point of it all. And I felt like it added an earthy tone when mixed with the other loops. Yes, I recorded vocals on the MXL 990 thru 2i2, then into Loopy with a little AUFX:Space.

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