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Cue Mix Monitoring Routing Setup Help

I've been trying to come up with a way to create a "Cue Mix" monitoring/routing setup with Loopy Pro - where I can solo an instrument (or subgroup of instruments) to just my headphones, while ducking the main mix - without effecting the master mix at all. Some might call this PFL on a mixing console.

Now - I'm aware of roadmap features that could help achieve this (sending subgroups into subgroups for ex) but as far as with the recent release of LP - here's what I've come up with (still need to test):

  • Set Headphones to Monitor on (3/4)
  • Duplicate the main mix to a sub output (5/6)
  • Hardware patch Output (5/6) back into interface and monitor on Headphones (3/4)
  • Create new "Cue-Mix" color that only routes to (3/4) post fader so you can attenuate it and send any instruments/subgroups there (turning on monitoring through that color)
  • Create an action that un mutes that color, and lowers the volume of the master mix by X dBs

Any thoughts on a better way to achieve this?


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