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[SOLVED] drambo null audio iphone7 ios 15.7.9

edited November 2023 in Support and Feedback

dear all,

I returned borrowed airpods, and I found no sound on phone calls without headphpnes, also startong drambo shows null audio, and audio engine is off in AUM. Youtube, and some apps like SteveGaadDrums are working ok (I hear from speaker). Do you know please help how to fix it? I appreciate any sugestion, especially these without need to recconect cable-headphones (which I lost).
I can only texting as my sound speaker during calls is silent.



  • Hmm. Maybe restart your phone and disable Bluetooth?

  • troed alerady

    I know connecting and disconnecting lightening headphpnes will help, and will do sun as possible (with friends help) but I asked faster, maybe somebody know other solution…

  • ios iPhone 7 updated to 15.8
    didnt solved but

    after connecting camera connection kit and USB phone adapter (external company) somehow in LoopyPro I was able to hear sound, and after also in AUM and finally in Drambo.

    BTW because of this period without Drambo/Aum on iPhone I was forced to use Sunvox and it is anazing software. I will not advertisement too much, its personal for everyone, in my case I simply loved Sunvox again. And patterns with offset sample effect is really something unique, similar to flexi with offset parameter,
    thanks for everyone, I got Dagger also, what to say more than Im happy. cheers! 😘

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