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MF Splitter fails launching

Hi, I bought whole midiflow package for my iPad. Yesterday, Midiflow splitter stopped working suddenly. I can't understand what is happening.

In the midi setup view of Airbus 3 I can add MF Splitter as an effect, but the icon shows it keeps attempting to launch, but never does.

I'm using a 6th Gen iPad with IOS 17.0.3 - 128 GB.
It's a huge problem because I have been working in a complex setup for live playing of many songs.

S.O.S Thanks!


  • I found that if I closing Audiobus and opening again it works, but I'm really annoyed about stability when in Live. Checking the memory seems not the problem. Any tip to avoid this sudden communication problems between Audiobus and MF Splitter?

  • You could try starting MF Splitter first, before starting Audiobus. That sometimes works better for IAAs.

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