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How far off is the Mac version of Loopy Pro?

I know it's been in beta before (yeah?) and is in the works and will happen, but anyone got any ideas how far off it is?

I'm holding out on picking up Ableton Live because Loopy Pro on iPad can actually do everything I want it to do, functionally. But I can't use any of the stuff I've got on Mac with it without extra devices (ie sending audio from Mac DAW to an audio interface input then that go to Loopy Pro and that's a whole bunch of no thanks for gigs).

Trying to get a feel for how far off it is.


  • At least four months, probably more

  • @Michael said:
    At least four months, probably more


    Also, I can't see this in Loopy Pro atm when I search for "undo" - is there a way to "undo" only the currently selected track?

    So I could record say 4 separate loops, and when I select a track, I can hit the same "undo" button on my MIDI controller, and it will just undo the selected track, rather than undo the last loop that was recorded?

    If not, I'll add it to the feature request thing - would be super cool.

  • Yeah, you’re probably looking for the “peel“ action!

  • @Michael said:
    Yeah, you’re probably looking for the “peel“ action!

    Amazing, yep that's it.

    Ableton Live can't do this without jumping through a bunch of hoops or using something like ClyphX.
    Would have to use dynamic midi mapping or something like that so that the same button on a MIDI controller can be the "undo" button on the specific looper plugin you want it to affect, rinse and repeat - or can be worked around in some convoluted way by chewing up multiple preset banks in something like the Nektar Pacer, where each preset would represent each track. Which gets real messy real quick and sounds like asking for trouble at a gig.

    But yep, peel is it!

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