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PowaH to the Audio Interface

Hi Everyone,
See my new pedalboard. Not shown is the 'brains' behind the outfit. My iPad and AUM, and Drambo. Since I play violin, the pedalboard has the audio interface, the MIDI foot switcher, expression pedals, etc....and a USB hub (Uni brand) to interface to/from the iPad.

QUESTION: My Zoom Audio Interface U-44 requires either AA batteries .....or.... a 5V DC input. My pedalboard has a traditional power supply with the typical 9V DC out. Is there anything I can buy to like 'step down' or filter the output from the power supply to make it provide 5V rather than 9V. The typical pedalboard power supply "bricks" typically have 9V and a few different amps for pedals that draw more, like the Strymon Pedals. Why would the audio interface require a 5V DC? It seems a bit odd.

Thanks In Advance


  • Three options I would consider:
    1. AA Batteries - I would buy some good AA rechargeables and cycle them in.
    2. Another good option is to buy a power bank - like the ones people use for their phones - and plug the zoom into that.
    3. Split the AC current with a multi plug, buy an USB compatible charger (like for an iPad) and plug it into that

  • The zoom can also take power via usb.

  • @espiegel123 said:
    The zoom can also take power via usb.

    Yes - I "believe" that the DC 5V outlet picture that I show below is where you plug in a USB cable and power it, correct? Or am I wrong. Will the USB audio cable going out to my USB hub provide power back to the Zoom U-44?

    I have NOT been able to get the USB power to work. :'(

  • The usb port labeled USB (not the port you pointed to labeled DC5v) will power the interface so long as it provides sufficient power which any powered hub will.

  • I personally prefer that it can powered by 5v so I can just plug it into a power bank or endless phone adapters I have lying around.
    I wish my zoom multieffect pedal could do that so I didn’t have to buy an additional ripcord cable to power it with a power bank.

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