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You knew I would, right? : Mysterium

edited September 26 in Creations

‘Mysterium: The hypothetical source of a galactic radio transmission at 1665 megahertz; in alchemy, a substance seen as an elemental or pure form of something else. From the Greek: mystery, a secret.’

Alexander Scriabin, Russian synthesthete, (who used a specially constructed keyboard which matched specific colours to certain sounds), composer, occultist, and inspiration for the amazing ANS graphic to sound synthesizer had a plan for his final masterpiece, which he called Mysterium. It would require:

‘…special people, special artists, an instrument with visual effects, an orchestra, a choir, dancers, a procession, incense, rhythm… the cathedral in which it will take place will not be of one type of stone, but will continually change with the atmosphere and motion of the Mysterium.’

He died before the monumental meisterwerk was complete. Some speculate that the intense ritual was designed, not merely as a composition, or a performance, but as a magical working…

…and the purest, the ultimate expression of Mysterium? Well, what is the sum of all possible sounds, all possible frequencies, but… noise?

Obviously, my own belated discovery of the world of Noise music, coupled with the mini flame war breaking out elsewhere in the forum over the question of the point of ambient music, had to provoke something, amirightladeezngennelmen (and those otherwise self determining)?

So, this: in response to that debate, and especially for those who consider ambient very very dull, the proof they weren’t looking for. Is it ambient? Is it noise? Yes. A track made entirely with several varieties of noise, in fact, courtesy of Giant Isopod, NoInputMixer, and various Moogerfoogers. No tones, no instruments, no sequencers employed. Live mixed in AUM.

Some think it’s noise. I think it’s pretty.


  • It’s pure darn noise, and I love it! 🤩

  • Listened to this while perusing the forum, and my god! I like this a bit better than Woodpecker No. 2. It's more like Ambient meets Noise, but in all the best ways possible.

  • Chaos music-fied! I note a partial unicursal hexagram in the track art - Crowley would be proud! Do What Thou Wilt!

  • Shall be the whole of the law…


  • Great sound design, real good stuff.

  • Yes!!! This is good!

  • @Svetlovska said:
    Shall be the whole of the law…



  • @Svetlovska said:
    Shall be the whole of the law…


    Ah, so a pact with the devil is the reason for your recent insanely high levels of productivity and the quality of output. We have a dark ambient / noisecore Robert Johnson in the house 🤘

  • This gets multiple Blimeys and at least a couple of Strewths from me.

    My head has floated off somewhere: job done!

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