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[SYNCING Apps] - What am I missing???

edited September 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hi gang!

I'm new to Audiobus and I need some help!

I'm sequencing a track in Korg iPolysix. I'd like to add some additional elements by sequencing some additional synths in Korg Gadget or another synth app (I have another question about that below).

What do I need to do to have iPolysix and whatever else that I sequence start at the same time? Syncing my Korg apps alongside my other sequenced apps is a must. Can it be done? I can't figure it out in Audiobus with GarageBand. Do I need Cubasis and additional Midi apps to make that happen?

As I mentioned above, I'd like to maybe also use another synth like Thor. Can anyone recommend a way to sequence Thor? Do I need something like Thesys to make this happen? Is there a way to get Thesys to control Thor alongside my iPolysix sequence and have it all captured inside an iPad DAW?

Using: iPad Mini 2 with Retina


  • Mike


  • Sounds like Auria can send clock start? Is that a better bet than Cubasis?

  • I can only address the GB issue: Once you AudioCopy or record your bit into GB, the non-destructive editing allows you to trim the audio & move it to where it needs to be & still not lose what you trimmed out (so you might try again if need be); make sure you're zooming in on the section you want to line up so that it's easier to eyeball w/ the other track(s). I've had very little trouble with this!
    In addition: The vertical bars at the beginning & ends of each audio track section in GB can slide back & forth to reveal the bits you really didn't edit out!

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