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How do I stop notes pop up on iPhone Safari.

It’s really annoying. When I’m using Safari I get a little notes box popping up. I hit the white x to close but it still pops up.


  • Not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?

  • It’s some sort of quick notes

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    Is it every site or just selective sites?

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    It looks like you opened up notes in slide over mode but never closed the slide over.

    If you have a home/thumbprint button double click, then swipe up on notes to close.

    If no home button swipe up, to see open apps, then swipe the notes app up to close it.

    Depends on your device, but If it was a slide over mode, sometimes it will appear far off to the side, when looking at all your open apps. If so just swipe up on it to close the slide over version.

    It’s weird especially in the beginning, cause files app would do that, but I eventually figured out how to close it. It’s almost like using an app in slide over is like a separate app.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • I had that before too… like @Poppadocrock said, that should work.

  • if you used apple pencil a swipe from the lower right corner would have activated this quick notes view

  • Have you tried just closing the notes app? Looks like it got opened somehow. Maybe you slid up from the corner and activated quick notes.

  • These look like Quick Notes, not the regular Notes app. I never found a way to stop them from popping up when you open the site where you first created the note. So I just delete the note.

  • My answer is maybe a bit late, but it might help others who find this thread.

    The solution I found is to go to the Notes app and move the annoying quick note from the Quick Notes folder to any other folder.

    I guess that the process can be reversed in case one might want to have the quick note popping up on related page. It's easy minimize it by dragging it to the side.

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