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SFM Tutorials: WoodValvet

WoodValvet Tube Saturator - Short Demo: No Talk

WoodValvet is a tube emulated saturator with extra features :

  • has 3 tube stages each with their own "Drive"control.
  • each stage can be set to a different tube type (ECC82, ...).
  • stage 2 & 3 can be set in series or in parallel to create different harmonics
  • stage 1 & 2 are class A circuits, stage 3 is a class AB circuit.
  • an input band filter allows to add harmonics on the selected band only.
  • a post tube out lowpass filter allows to reduce the higher harmonics.
    -a "Constant Level" setting matches the output level with the input level.
  • has an LFO to modulate the drive and filter settings.
  • side chain input can modulate the drive settings (increase or duck mode).
  • has an "Auto Gain Input" mode to automatically bring quiet signals into range
  • has a Stereo spread control.
  • has a brick-wall limiter on output
  • has a DC blocking output filter
  • has an output phase switch.
  • has a visual representation of the generated harmonics.

This video contains the following product demonstration:

  • Short demo of the presets
  • Etc.

I hope you enjoy the demo and find it useful.

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