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Request for a collab: by popular demand, updated with links to all completed pieces

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Update It seems my estimable collaborators on this exercise want their pieces brought together into one place, so here it is:

I believe some tracks may still be being worked on (?) so if you are not here but want to be, PM me.

Hi all. My first go round with Igor’s no-input mixer app sounds somehow came out sounding so much like a kind of post industrial George Thorogood blues that it is crying out for some proper fuzzed up psychobilly guitar licks over the top of it to make it really shine.

Trouble is: I can’t play anything!

So: is there an adventurous guitarist amongst our esteemed company of sonic warriors who feels like soloing over the top of a heavy, heavy noise for a minute or two? I think it could be really good.

If you are up for it, PM me with an email address and I’ll send you a link to my Wavs and the AUM project.


Wow! Thanks all so far who have responded to this - @Krupa, @jtheod , @JanKun, @pbelgium, @Ailerom.

The simplest way to handle this for anyone else interested before my inbox explodes (!) is to publish my little spiel and the link to folder containing the AUM project, stems and mix file here. Anyone can use these as they see fit, and publish the result or not as you see fit. At this stage I’m slightly embarrassed as my contribution amounts to no more than a rhythm backing, but if you find it at all useful, please, fill your boots…

Here’s the link to the AUM project file, stems and final mix to date. Do with it what you will, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with :)

if it helps, I was trying to remember the vibe that was running in my own head to this. Some kind of swamp blues, Justin Johnson Tom Waits Nick Cave murder ballad, with extra extra distortion. If it had a vocal (which it doesn’t) it’d ideally sound like someone hollering through a tin megaphone about executions and whiskey.

Kind of thing. :)

But if for you, you see it as a delicate Spanish guitar piece with Mantovani strings, that’s cool too!

…and again, thanks all, for your interest in this. Have fun!


  • Very interested but I see someone's already on it ...

  • I will always lend my axe (skills) to my AB brothers and sisters if called upon.

  • I hope you get some good partners in this! There are many guitarists that will likely step forward.

  • edited September 2023

    Hi all, and thank you for the interest in this. I’ve posted the link to the files above and made it open so anyone can have a go if they feel like it with what, at this stage, is honestly no more than a rhythm track. (With a lot of low end energy - good headphones or speakers advised.)

    I emphasise treat this as your track, not mine, do what you like with it, and post the result or don’t as you see fit. I’m not precious, just curious to see what people might come up with.

  • Thanks for this @Svetlovska - Have grabbed the files and I am working on something which should hopefully be ready for tomorrow sometime! :smile:

  • I’m being kind of a slow poke but I do have something cool to go with it after jamming with it a bit earlier

  • edited September 2023

    Great! Interested to see what you’ve done with it. I’ve had a couple of excellent, and very different takes so far from Krupa and JanKun, and AlterEgo UK. As I said to them, it is your piece, not mine, so feel free to post it or not, as you see fit.

  • Updated as requested.

  • Thanks for bringing them all together. Already there are 2 news ones I wasn't aware of.

  • These are incredibly cool! Great job, everyone.

  • Have to leave the house soon, but later I think I’ll listen to them all again back to back.

  • Great project, well done everybody and thanks to Irena for providing the inspiration 👌

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