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Iconnectivity Mio

edited September 2023 in Support and Feedback

Might make a 3rd ipad midi.

Cck and a mio ( or mioxc )

Is the mio ok for ios. The mioxc is marketed for ios but has usbc and adapter. Would rather regular usb ( if it works )

From spare 5 pin midi of a faderfox pc12 ( which actually routes an ec4 )

Should be ok.

What are the other brands.

Roland etc.


  • You will get more input with a title that asks your question about the MIO or other options for a controller. You get up to 1 month to edit that title.

  • @McD said:
    You will get more input with a title that asks your question about the MIO or other options for a controller. You get up to 1 month to edit that title.

    It will probably work anyway and theres only a few people that answer gear questions. rs2000 etc. I think iv even made a thread before with the same question with the suggested brand alternatives to mio but mio is cheaper.

    Thanks McD.

  • Just impatient.

    Speaking about it it. Sort of makes it real.

    Its basically to gain even more synths and synths for sampling.

    An ipads worth might not be enough.

  • edited September 2023

    The Mio works ( just need to buy a cck )

    Top left ( Sampler ipad ) Now has midi from both faderfoxes and a Korg Microkey.

    Middle ipad ( Midi sequencing/nice synths) Faderfoxes and launchpad.

    Right ipad ( Drums ) Faderfoxes and launchpad.

    In a good mood so a bonus tip.

    You can download a note mode for customs of launchpad x. Set different midi ch.

    You can make 1 oscilator Drambo synths ( just wavetable for me at the mo )

    Set to midi always.

    Tune synths by selecting tracks.

    You gain a better ui ( even than most synths ) because of single osc.

    Sequencing and Drambo module sequencing per oscilator. You would need 2 x Buttersynth for this.

    Unlimited envelopes and lfos.

    I bought Twin 3. If I end up making analogue versions.

    Then theres probably no reason to use or buy most other synths.

    But will test Twin 3 for now.

  • @Telefunky said:
    nice setup B)

    Cheers Telefunky.

  • Nice setup but im gonna have to sell it.

    Computers dont make me the least bit happy.

    Iv already recently broke a laptop and a tablet.

    It will happen with an ipad.

  • Hmm.

    Would have been easier just to buy an ipad pro or if a 2nd ipad. The air 5 ( for two times I decided to buy ipad 9s )

    Its probably the mio. Just triggering loopy. Without being near ipads. Like a ghost.

    Like it cant deal with midi but its usb powered and I make it switch to mains powered via the cck.

    Will see if it works again.

  • Even the drum ipad. With 12 drum tracks isnt needed. I mapped these Euclidean just so the Faderfox pc12 has a purpose. If just for a laugh. So even that ipad, plus other ipads, faderfox pc12 and now with mio not working. Generally a waste of plastic.

  • Worse still ( even after spending another £100 on mio and cck )

    The synth ipad with just 1 synth ( twin )

    Automating the Drambo sequencer module would just send ipad to a cpu crash.


  • Sequencer module is good though

    A 3rd ipad.

    Even if mio worked.

    Its still too much audio.

    16 tracks of audio triggers x 5.

    Synth ipad. 8 audio triggers x 5 plus midi tracks.

    12 drums. Normal or Euclidean.

    and forsaking no mic and turntable input to the 3rd ipad. Would have to work around that.

    Air 5 would have been enough.

    Just thought. If an air 5 were say 50% faster than an ipad 9. Another ipad 9 would be 100% faster than an ipad 9 but that wouldnt count for better ram if needing to burn to audio and screen strobing with more tracks.

    It should of been ok.

    Mio needs to be able to deal with midi ( if mio an issue )

  • If Mio dosent trigger Drambo modules or move cc value mappings.

    Ideally I gain the red sqaure button across devices.

    This ipad gains a korg microkey.

    It would be mapped to shoom, mononoke with ec4 controller.

    The ipad is for mononoke, shoom, no input mixer ( when its multiout )

    Effortless Ambient just seeing how sampler will work.

    In theory.

    Could make an ambient album by triggering samples here.

    The few synths on other ipad.

    Drums on another ipad.

    Who needs chowtape when you got au natural hiss of input ( which isnt even bad )

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