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Solved Monitor AUv3 input to color(?), a bit like the Roadmap item Busses as destinations

edited September 2023 in Loopy Pro

(EDIT: Thanks @espiegel123 , solved. Gear icon on AUv3 instrument window title, set monitor through particular color, ostensibly achieves a colors-as-busses-as-destinations without requiring donuts or clips to be recorded, with main outputs off for those instruments. Marvelous).


It was mentioned over on that "it is possible to monitor at least inputs through color channels."

But I don't see that functionality in the way I had hoped it meant I could monitor AUv3 instruments routed to a color and not need them to go to the main outputs, and apply grouped processing and sends.
so I assume Marcus is referring there to turning on the monitoring of a "physical" input,
as opposed to being able to turn on monitoring inputs to(on) a color channel and therefore you could treat a color as a group buss without having recorded a clip or donut as yet.

If this is so, (IE no don't be silly, bruques, you can't turn on monitoring of a color and hear whatever is routed in to it, through it), is it that that the use case of grouping of AUv3 instruments on a channel is only going to be available once this Busses as Destinations feature is complete and in a release version?

May I please enquire @Michael if there is any tentative timeline for such?

I'm working around it, and am not stumped, but I'm nevertheless really looking forward to being able to group inputs not just donuts, as and when this is available.



  • Monitor through a color means that the input has the color channels effects applied to the signal you hear. You need to both adc the color as the monitor destination and remove the mains as the monitor destination. For an AUv3, you need to tap on the gear wheel in the AU window title bar to access the monitor options.

  • For example, here is Sitala setup to be monitored through Orange’s effect chain.

    Apologies if I have misunderstood your post.

  • @espiegel123 said:
    For example, here is Sitala setup to be monitored through Orange’s effect chain.

    Apologies if I have misunderstood your post.

    That's exactly what I meant and could not find yes. Brilliant, thank you!

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