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Randomization ideas

Hi crew!

I was thinking about granular sound options. For example for using variations of one instrument (e.g. different kicks, snares, hats) or totally random sounds. Does something like the following make sense?

One could prepare a loop with different sounds in set intervals and set the interval (e.g. 4 seconds) in the clip properties. Loopy would then randomly (or sequentially for that matter) pick sounds from the loop and stop playing when the sound stops or after the interval. An option to not stop playing for creating glitchy breakbeats would be nice too. In this case the 'play head' would simply jump around after a set interval.

A totally fancy version of this would be an option where Loopy finds the sounds inside a loop (separated by silent breaks) and assign start and stop markers automagically. This would allow for sounds of different lengths.

What do you think? 🤔


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